Molecular pathology

Molecular pathological diagnostics is an integral part of the histological / cytological diagnostic process. It is primarily concerned with genetic alterations of neoplastic lesions on histological and cytological material.

Mutation analysis

Sanger sequencing and next-generation sequencing (NGS) of DNA make it possible to analyse genetic changes in tumours.

Fragment analysis

This method is used for the analysis of microsatellite instability (e.g. in colorectal carcinomas) and clonality in lymphatic neoplasms.


In situ hybridisation uses probes to analyse genetic changes at the chromosomal level in tumours.

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Davide Soldini - medica


PD Dr Davide Soldini

Specialist in Pathology and Molecular Pathology FMH

044 269 99 28

Our Molecular Pathology is an SIWF certified continuing education center.

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