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Certificates are only granted for travellers (who pay themselves) or persons who have recovered from Covid-19. Certificates are NOT granted for sampling strategy tests (payed for by the federal government).


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Covid: Key 1 or 044 269 99 27
Material order: Key 2 or 043 411 11 11
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Current information on the Corona Virus SARS-CoV-2

  • Covid Certificate: An order number is required to identify the caller and issue the certificate. Please have the order number of your report ready. Please have the order number of your report ready.
  • NEW Order Form: Latest order form Auftragsformular 5a (21.06.21) added with Corona certificate checkbox.
  • Corona-PCR-Test: Find all questions and answers about the Corona-PCR-Test here: Corona PCR-Test frequently asked questions


All information about SARS-CoV-2 

Laboratory Medicine

Our specialist departments offer every kind of service related to laboratory medicine. Haematology, Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Immunology, Medical Genetics, Medical Microbiology and more.


We provide a host of morphological examinations for all clinical fields with an emphasis on human pathology.

Courier Service

We have a team of 26 couriers who are at your service round the clock. We collect your medical sample the very same day you request our services and deliver the consumables you have ordered in a timely and reliable manner.

VADEmedica analyses list

medica offers a comprehensive range of analysis services. You can download our VADEmedica directory to get a quick overview of all the analyses we offer.




Neuer Referenzbereich (Normbereiche) der Tumormarker

Im Zuge der technischen und analytischen Weiterentwicklung werden ab 14.09.2020 neue Analysensysteme für klinisch-chemische und immunologische Tests in Betrieb genommen – die endgültige Ausbaustufe

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Tuberkulose-Suchtest: QuantiFERON®-TB Gold Plus

QuantiFERON®-TB Gold Plus (QFT®-Plus) ist ein modernes Testverfahren zum indirekten Nachweis einer latenten oder aktiven Tuberkulose. Der Test ist dem Tuberkulintest (Mantoux) in der Spezifität überlegen.

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Nicht invasive pränatale RHD-Bestimmung

(Fötaler Rhesusfaktor aus mütterlichem Blut) Gemäss Expertenbrief No 68 der SGGG wird bei bestimmten Konstellationen die genetische Bestimmung des fötalen Rhesusfaktors aus mütterlichem Blut empfohlen.

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Our drop-in outpatient clinic

During our opening hours, you can drop in to our outpatient clinic – no appointment necessary – for a blood test, which we use to perform a variety of medical analyses, such as determining vitamin concentrations, hepatitis and HIV tests.


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Why choose medica?

All under one roof

Thanks to our central location in the city of Zurich, we can provide you with quick and efficient service.

Highest quality standards

By pooling all our expertise in one location, we can ensure that our services are of superior quality.

All analyses performed in record time

We can return some of your results within just two hours and analyse immediate sections for microscopic examination while surgery is still under way.

New customer registration

We are delighted that you are interested in working with our institution. Please complete a new customer request form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Urin-Diagnostik auf den ersten Blick

3 Fortbildungspunkte

- Theorie (kurze Auffrischung)
- Sedimente (Mikroskopie)

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Das krankmachende Übergewicht

2 Fortbildungspunkte

- Verbreitung in der Schweiz
- Ursache
- Mögliche Therapien medikamentös



Better aging

2 Fortbildungspunkte

- Biohacking, Ernährung
- „Blue zones“?

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2 Fortbildungspunkte

- Perianalvenenthrombose bis Condylomata acuminata
- proktologische Krankheit


medica Ärztebedarf

Do you require reactants? Or perhaps you need help with the organisation of your practice laboratory?

We’d be delighted to advise and support you. We deliver orders quickly and efficiently by courier.



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